Dinosaurs (Non-Fiction)

Aliki.  Dinosaur Bones.  J 567.91 A 
Discusses how scientists, studying fossil remains, provide information on how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

Arnold, Caroline.  Pterosaurs : rulers of the skies in the dinosaur age. J 567.918 A
Wing lizards — The age of reptiles — The first pterosaurs — The “wing fingers” — Bodies built for flight — Mealtime for pterosaurs — Baby pterosaurs — Discovering pterosaur fossils — Pterodactyl — A Jurassic lagoon

Bailey, Jacqui.  Monster bones : the story of a dinosaur fossil. J 567.91 B
Describes how the bones of a dinosaur became fossilized, were discovered by a paleontologist, and were ultimately displayed in a museum.

Brown, Charlotte Lewis.  After the dinosaurs : mammoths and fossil mammals. J  569 B
Wooly mammoth — Smilodon — Glyptodon — Basilosaurus — Eohippus — Platybelodon — Andrewsarchus — Megatherium — Macrauchenia — Homo sapiens.

Burnie, David.  Dinosaurs.  Q J 567.9 P
Describes how dinosaurs evolved, how they lived, and the theories behind their mass extinction, and spotlights dinosaur species, their reproductive habits, and how dinosaur fossils were formed.

Dahl,  Michael. Three-horn : the adventure of triceratops.   J 567.9158 D
Explains how scientists learn about dinosaurs and what their discoveries have revealed about Triceratops.

Judge, Lita.  Born to be Giants : How Baby Dinosaurs Grew to Rule the World.  J 567.9 J
Describes how scientists have determined that even the largest dinosaurs hatched from tiny eggs, and explains why some dinosaurs may have had parental instincts while others did not.

Lasky, Kathryn.  Dinosaur Dig.  J 567.91 L
Follows an East Coast family as it travels to Montana to join a paleontology team in digging for dinosaur bones.

Matthews, Rupert.  Brachiosaurus.  J 567.913 M
Describes what has been learned about the physical features, behavior, and surroundings of the long-extinct brachiosaurus.

Maynard, Christopher.  The Best Book of Dinosaurs. J 567.9 M
Introduces dinosaurs and their world, discussing such topics as their food, life cycles, means of hunting, and means of fighting and defense.

Oliver, Rupert. Archaeopteryx .  J 567.97 O
Describes the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of the winged dinosaur known as Archaeopteryx.

Sattler, Helen Roney.   Baby dinosaurs.   J 567.91 S
Discusses what is known of the infancy and early life of dinosaurs based on rare examples of fossilized baby dinosaurs.

Woodward, John.  Dinosaurs Eye to Eye : Zoom in on the World’s Most Incredible Dinosaurs.  Q J 567.91 W
Provides a zoomed-in encounter with dozens of the most incredible creatures ever to walk, stalk, swim or fly across the prehistoric planet and is packed with awesome imagery that brings children face-to-face with dinosaurs and other phenomenal prehistoric creatures.

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