Alden, Laura.  Father’s Day.  [HOLIDAY]

Bedford, David.  Daddy Does the Cha Cha Cha!  [STORIES]

Berry, Matthew.  Up on Daddy’s Shoulders.  [GROWING UP]

Braun, Sebastian.  I Love My Daddy.  [GROWING UP]

Bridwell, Norman.  Clifford’s Day with Dad.  [HOLIDAY]

Bruchac, Joseph.  My Father is Taller Than a Tree.  [GROWING UP]

Cook, Stephan.  Day Out With Daddy.  [GROWING UP]

Coy, John.  Two Old Potatoes and Me.  [NATURE]

Creech, Sharon.  Fishing in the Air.  [GROWING UP]

Dewdney, Anna.  Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too.  [GROWING UP]

Durand, Hallie.  Mitchell Goes Bowling.  [SPORTS]

Fliess, Sue.  Let’s Build.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

Glass, Beth Raisner.  Blue-Ribbon Dad.  [GROWING UP]

Hearn, Diane Dawson.  Dad’s Dinosaur Day.  [GROWING UP]

Keane, David.  Daddy Adventure Day.  [SPORTS]

Koehler. Fred.  How to Cheer Up Dad.

London, Jonathan.  Do You ABC’s Little Brown Bear.  [CONCEPTS]

London, Jonathan.  Froggy’s Day With Dad.  [FAVORITES]

Loomis, Christine.  The Best Father’s Day Present Ever.  [HOLIDAY]

McBratney, Sam.  Guess How Much I Love You.  [FAVORITES]

MacLachlan.  The Sick Day.  [GROWING UP]

Minarik, Else Holmelund.  Father Bear’s Special Day.  [HOLIDAY]

Norman, Kim.  Crocodaddy.  [RHYMES & SONGS]

North, Sherry.  Because I am Your Daddy.  [GROWING UP]

Parr, Todd.  The Daddy Book.  [GROWING UP]

Ritchie, Alison.  Me and My Dad!  [GROWING UP]

Rockwell, Anne.  Father’s Day.  [HOLIDAY]

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.  Hooray for Father’s Day!  [HOLIDAY]

Waber, Bernard.  Ask Me.  [FAVORITES]

Warnes, Tim.  Daddy Hug.  [NATURE]

Wild, Margaret.  Piglet and Papa.  [NATURE]

Yolen, Jane.  My Father Knows the Names of Things.  [FAVORITES]

Yolen, Jane.  Owl Moon.  [FAVORITES]

Zappa, Ahmet.  Because I’m Your Dad.  [GROWING UP]

Ziefert, Harriet.  Bigger Than Daddy.  [GROWING UP]

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