Civil War Fiction (Teen)

Collier, James & Collier, Christopher.  With Every Drop of Blood.  Y FIC Collier
While trying to transport food to Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War, fourteen-year-old Johnny is captured by a black Union soldier.

Moss, Marissa.  A Soldier’s Secret: The Incredible True Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War Hero.  Y FIC Moss
Nineteen-year-old Sarah masquerades as a man during the Civil War, serving as a nurse on the battlefield and a spy for the Union Army, escaping from the Confederates, and falling in love with one of her fellow soldiers. Based on the life of Sarah Emma Edmonds.

Myers, Walter Dean.  Riot.  Y FIC Myers
In 1863, fifteen-year-old Claire, the daughter of an Irish mother and a black father, faces ugly truths and great danger when Irish immigrants, enraged by the Civil War and a federal draft, lash out against blacks and wealthy “swells” of New York City.

Paulsen, Gary.  Soldier’s Heart.  Y FIC Paulsen
Eager to enlist, fifteen-year-old Charley has a change of heart after experiencing both the physical horrors and mental anguish of Civil War combat.

Peck, Richard.  The River Between Us.  Y FIC Peck
During the early days of the Civil War, the Pruitt family takes in two mysterious young ladies who have fled New Orleans to come north to Illinois.

Rinaldi, Ann.  Amelia’s War.  Y FIC Rinaldi
When a Confederate general threatens to burn Hagerstown, Maryland, unless it pays an exorbitant ransom, twelve-year-old Amelia and her friend find a way to save the town.

Rinaldi, Ann.  The Last Full Measure.  Y FIC Rinaldi
In 1863 Pennsylvania, fourteen-year-old Tacy faces the horrors of the Battle of Gettysburg while trying to stay out of the way of her brother David, who is in charge while their father serves as a doctor in the Union army, and to keep her friend Marvelous, a free black, safe from rebel soldiers.

Rinaldi, Ann.  My Vicksburg.  Y FIC Rinaldi
During the siege of Vicksburg, thirteen-year-old Claire Louise struggles with difficult choices when family and friends join opposing sides of the war.

Wait, Lea.  Uncertain Glory.  Y FIC Wait
At thirteen, Joe Wood wants to be a newspaperman. He’s even borrowed money to start his own press. But it’s April 1861, and the young nation is on the brink of civil war. Joe has to help Owen, his assistant, deal with being black in a white world; talk his best friend, Charlie, out of enlisting; and help Nell, whose uncle claims she can speak to the dead. When Owen disappears, Joe must save him.

Westrick, Anne.  Brotherhood.  Y FIC Westrick
The year is 1867, and the South has lost the Civil War. Those on the lowest rungs, like Shad’s family, fear that the freed slaves will take the few jobs available. In this climate of despair and fear, a group has formed. Today we know it as the KKK.

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