Civil War Fiction (Grades 4-6)

Avi.  Iron Thunder.  J FIC Avi
Tom’s job as an assistant to Captain John Ericsson, the inventor of the Monitor, makes him a target of Confederate spies.

Beatty, Patricia.  Blue Stars Watching.  J FIC Beatty
Resentful at being sent to California with his sister to avoid the dangers of the Civil War in Delaware, thirteen-year-old Will is soon entangled with Rebel plotters and Union spies in San Francisco.

Beatty, Patricia.  Charley Skedaddle.  J FIC Beatty
During the Civil War, a twelve-year-old Bowery Boy from New York City joins the Union Army as a drummer, deserts during a battle in Virginia, and encounters a hostile old mountain woman.

Clapp, Patricia.  The Tamarack Tree : A Novel of the Siege of Vicksburg.  Y FIC Clapp
An eighteen-year-old English girl finds her loyalties divided and all her resources tested as she and her friends experience the terrible physical and emotional hardships of the forty-seven day siege of Vicksburg in the spring of 1863.

Collier, James Lincoln.  With Every Drop of Blood.  Y FIC Collier
While trying to transport food to Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War, fourteen-year-old Johnny is captured by a black Union soldier.

Fleming, Thomas J.  Band of Brothers : West Point in the Civil War.  J 973.7 F
Follows the exploits of cadets and officers at West Point where such graduates as Ulysses S. Grant, George Armstrong Custer, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson fought on both sides of the battle lines during the Civil War.

Gauch, Patricia Lee.  Thunder at Gettysburg.  JPB G / J FIC Gauch
Fourteen-year-old Tillie becomes involved in the tragic battle of July 1-3, 1863.

Hunt, Irene.  Across Five Aprils.   YPB H / Y Fic Hunt
Young Jethro Creighton grows from a boy to a man when he is left to take care of the family farm in Illinois during the difficult years of the Civil War.

McMullan, Margaret.  How I Found the Strong.  J FIC McMullan
Frank Russell, known as Shanks, wishes he could have gone with his father and brother to fight for Mississippi and the Confederacy, but his experiences with the war and his changing relationship with the family slave, Buck, change his thinking.

Nixon, Joan Lowery.  A Dangerous Promise.  Y FIC Nixon
After being taken in by Captain Taylor and his wife in Kansas, twelve-year-old Mike Kelly and his friend Todd Blakely join the Union army as musicians and see the horrors of war firsthand in Missouri.

Paulsen, Gary.  Soldier’s Heart : A Novel of the Civil War.  Y FIC Paulsen
Eager to enlist, fifteen-year-old Charley has a change of heart after experiencing both the physical horrors and mental anguish of Civil War combat.

Philbrick, W.R.  The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg.  J FIC Philbrick
Twelve-year-old Homer, a poor but clever orphan, has extraordinary adventures after running away from his evil uncle to rescue his brother, who has been sold into service in the Civil War.

Reeder, Carolyn.  Shades of Gray.  J FIC Reeder
At the end of the Civil War, twelve-year-old Will, having lost all his immediate family, reluctantly leaves his city home to live in the Virginia countryside with his aunt and the uncle he considers a “traitor” because he refused to take part in the war.

Rinaldi, Ann.  Juliet’s Moon.  J FIC Rinaldi
In Missouri in 1863, twelve-year-old Juliet Bradshaw learns to rely on herself and her brother, a captain with Quantrill’s Raiders, as she sees her family home burned, is imprisoned by Yankees, and then kidnapped by a blood-crazed Confederate soldier.

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