Autobiographies (Teen)

Alliluyeva, Svetlana. Twenty Letters to a Friend.  B Alliluyeva 
Angelou, Maya.  Gather Together In My Name.  B Angelou 
Baker, Russell.  Growing Up.  PB NF B
                      The Good Times. B Baker 
Bauer, Marion Dane.  A Writer’s Story: From Life to Fiction.  YB Bauer 
Bresnick-Perry, Roslyn.  Leaving for America.  JB Bresnick 
Broun, Heywood Hale.  Whose Little Boy Are You?  B Broun 
Brown, Christy.  Christy Brown: the Life that Inspired My Left Foot.  B Brown H
Butterworth, Emma Macalik.  As the Waltz Was Ending.  YB Butterworth 
Campanella, Roy.  It’s Good to Be Alive.  B Campanella 
Chadwick, Kamilla.  The War According to Anna.  940.5315 Chad 
Clash, Kevin.  My Life as a Furry Red Monster.  B Clash 
Cleary, Beverly.  A Girl from Yamhill.  JB Cleary 
                        My Own Two Feet. YB Cleary 
Cody, William.  An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill.  B Cody 
Crystal, Billy.  Absolutely Mahvelous.  B Crystal 
Dabney, Virginia Bell.  Once There Was a Farm.  B Dabney 
Dahl, Roald.  Boy: Tales of Childhood.  JB Dahl 
                   Going Solo.  B Dahl 
                   My Year.  JB Dahl 
Doolittle, James.  I Could Never Be So Lucky Again.  B Doolittle 
Drucker, Olga Levy.  Kindertransport.  YB Drucker 
Duncan, Lois.  Chapters: My Growth as a Writer.  YB Duncan 
Filipovic, Zlata.  Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Sarajevo.  Y PB F / Y B Filipovic 
Fleischman, Sid.  The Abracadabra Kid.  YB Fleischman 
Frank, Anne.  The Diary of a Young Girl.  B Frank / YB Frank / YPB F 
Franklin, Benjamin.  Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  818 F 
Gilbreath, Frank.  Cheaper by the Dozen.  B Gilbreath / Y PB G
Ginsberg, Blaze.  Episodes : My Life as I see it.  YB Ginsberg

Grun, Max Von Der.  Howl Like the Wolves.  YB Grun 
Hamill, Dorothy.  On and Off the Ice.  Y 796.91 Hamill 
Hart, Kitty.  Return to Auschwitz.  940.5315 Hart 
Hautzig, Esther.  Endless Steppe: Growing Up in Siberia.  Y 818 Hautzig 
Herriot, James.  All Creatures Great and Small.  B Herriot / Y PB H 
Hocken, Sheila.  Emma and I.  B Hocken 
Hunter, Latoya.  Diary of Latoya Hunter.  YB Hunter 
Ippisch, Hanneke.  Sky : A True Story of Resistance During World War II.  YB Ippisch 
Keller, Helen.  The Story of My Life.  B Keller / YB Keller 
Kerr, M.E.  Me Me Me Me Me: Not a Novel.  YB Kerr 
Kisor, Henry.  What’s That Pig Outdoors: A Memoir of Deafness.  B Kisor 
Koehn, Ilse.  Mischling, Second Degree: My Childhood in Nazi Germany.  B Koehn 
Kosterina, Nina.  Diary of Nina Kosterina.  YB Kosterina 
Lewin, Ted.  I Was a Teenage Professional Wrestler.  Y 796.812 Levin 
Li, Moying.  Snow Falling in Spring.  YB Li 
List, Julie Autumn.  The Day the Loving Stopped.  B List J
Lowry, Lois.  Looking Back.  YB Lowry 
Lugovskaya, Nina.  I Want to Live: The Diary of a Young Girl in Stalin’s Russia.  YB Lugovskaya. 
Macarthur, Douglas.  Reminiscences.  B MacArthur 
McFarlane, Leslie.  Ghost of the Hardy Boys. B McFarlane 
Mandela, Nelson.  Long Walk to Freedom.  B Mandela 
Mazumdar, Shudha.  Memoirs of an Indian Woman.  B Mazumdar 
Meltzer, Milton.  Starting From Home.  YB Meltzer 
Moses, Anna.  Grandma Moses: My Life’s History.  B Moses 
Paige, Leroy (Satchel).  Maybe I’ll Pitch Forever.  796.3576 Paige
Paulsen, Gary.  Woodsong.  Y 796.5 Paulsen 
Peck, Richard.  Anonymously Yours.  YB Peck 
Quinn, Elizabeth.  Listen to Me.  B Quinn 
Rainer, J. Kenyon.  First Do No Harm.  B Rainer 
Ramusi, Molapatene Collins.  Soweto, My Love. B  Ramusi 
Reiss, Johanna.  The Upstairs Room.  Y PB R 
                        Journey Back. YB Reiss 
Roiphe, Anne.  Generation Without Memory.  B Roiphe 
Rose, Pete.  Pete Rose, My Story.  796.3576 Rose 
Rowe, James.  Love to All.  B Rowe 
Sandburg, Carl.  Always the Young Stranger.  B Sandburg 
Sender, Ruth Minsky.  To Life.  YB Sender 
Siegal, Aranka.  Upon the Head of a Goat.  YB Siegal / Y PB S 
Singer, Isaac Bashevis.  Day of Pleasure: Stories of a Boy Growing Up In Warsaw.  YB Singer 
Simon, Kate.  Bronx Primitive.  B Simon 
                    A Wider World.  B Simon 
Stalcup, Ann.  On the Home Front: growing up in wartime England.  YB Stalcup 
Ungerer, Tomi.  Tomi : A Childhood Under the Nazis.   YB Ungerer 
Vogel, Ilse-Margaret.  Bad Times, Good Friends.  YB Vogel 
Washington, Booker T.  Up from Slavery.  PB NF T
White, Ryan.  Ryan White. My Own Story.  YB White
Wilder, Laura Ingalls.  On the Way Home.  Y B Wilder 
                                West From Home.  YB Wilder / JB Wilder 
Yeltsin, Boris.  Against the Grain.  B Yeltsin 
Yep, Laurence.  The Lost Garden.  YB Yep 
Zindel, Paul.  The Pigman & Me.  YB Zindel / Y PB Z

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