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Autobiographies (Grades 4-6)

Aardema, Verna. A Bookworm Who Hatched. JB Aardema

Alcott, Louisa May.  Louisa May Alcott : Her Girlhood Diary.  JB Alcott

Asch, Frank.  One Man Show.  JB Asch

Auerbacher, Inge.  I Am a Star, Child of the Holocaust.  J 940.5315 A

Besson, Jean-Louis.  October 45 : Childhood Memories of the War.  JB Besson

Blegvard, Erik. Self-Portrait: Erik Blegvad. JB Blegvad

Bulla, Clyde. A Grain of Wheat: A Writer Begins. JB Bulla

Byars, Betsy.  The Moon and I.  JB Byars

Chukovsky, Kornei. The Silver Crest: My Russian Boyhood. J 891.78 Chukovsky

Cleary, Berverly. The Girl from Yamhill.  JB Cleary

Coatsworth, Elizabeth. Bess and the Sphinx. JB Coatsworth

Cole, Joanna. On the Bus with Joanna Cole: A Creative Autobiography.  JB Cole

Collins, Michael.  Flying to the Moon : An Astronaut’s Story.  JB Collins

Dahl, Roald. Boy: Tales of Childhood. JB Dahl //  Going Solo. B Dahl  // My YearJB Dahl

Ehlert, Lois.Under My Nose. JB Ehlert

Foreman, Michael. War Boy : A Country Childhood.  JB Foreman

Fritz, Jean. Surprising Myself. JB Fritz

Gibson, Althea. So Much to Live For.  JB Gibson

Gish, Lillian.  An Actor’s Life for Me.  JB Gish

Goble, Paul.  Hau Kola = Hello Friend.  JB Goble

Greenfield, Eloise.  Childtimes: A Three-generation Memoir.  J 929.2 Greenfield

Heller, Ruth.  Fine Lines.  J B Heller

Hopkins, Lee Bennett. The Writing Bug.  JB Hopkins

Howe, James.  Playing with Words.   JB Howe

Hurwitz, Johanna.   A Dream Come True.  JB Hurwitz

Isaacman, Clara.  Clara’s Story.  J & Y 940.5315 Isaa

Kluger, Ruth. Secret Ship.  JB Kluger

Kossman, Nina.  Behind the Border.  JB Kossman

Lazan, Marion Blumenthal and Perl Lila.  Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story.  JB Lazan P

Lester, Helen.  Author : A True Story.  JB Lester

Little, Jean. Little by Little.  JB Little // Stars Come Out Within. JB Little

Lobel, Anita.  No Pretty Pictures : A Child of War.  JB Lobel

McKissack, Pat.  Can You Imagine?  JB McKissack

Miller, William.  Richard Wright and the Library Card.  JB Wright M

Nesbit, E.  Long Ago When I Was Young.  J 828 Nesbit

Paulsen, Gary.  My Life in Dog Years.  JPB P (SUMMER READING)

Peet, Bill.  Bill Peet: An Autobiography.  JB Peet & J Pbk

Pitseolak, Peter. Peter’s Pitseolak’s Escape from Death.  J 970.4129 P

Polacco, Patricia.  Firetalking.  JB Polacco

Rylant Cynhia.  Best Wishes.  JB Rylant //  But I’ll Be Back Again. JB Rylant

Scieszka, Jon.  Knucklehead.  JB Scieszka

Shelbourne, Andrew.  Memoirs of Andrew Sherbourne.  JB Sherbourne

Stevenson, James.  Don’t You Know There’s a War On.  JB Stevenson

Stevenson, James.   Fun, No Fun.  JB Stevenson

Tene, Benjamin.  In the Shade of the Chestnut Tree.  JB Tene

Toll, Nelly S.  Behind the Secret Window : A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood During Word War II.  J 940.5318 T

Weil, Lisl.  To Sail a Ship of Treasures.  JB Weil

Wilder, Laura Ingalls. On the Way Home. Y 921 Wilder// West from Home.  YB Wilder & JB Wilder

Yates, Elizabeth.  My Diary – My World.  JB Yates

Yolen, Jane.  A Letter from Phoenix Farm.  JB Yolen