Artists Biographies

Anderson, Matthew T.  Handel, Who Knew What He Liked.  [Older] E Anderson
A man who would later compose some of the world’s most beautiful music is shown as a stubborn little boy with a mind of his own.

Anholt, Laurence.  Camille and the Sunflowers: A Story About Vincent Van Gogh.  [OLDER] E Anholt
Despite the derision of their neighbors, a young French boy and his family befriend the lonely painter who comes to their town and begin to admire his unusual paintings.

Anholt, Laurence.  Cezanne and the Apple Boy.  [OLDER] E Anholt
Paul’s father, the artist Paul Cézanne has been away from home for so long that the boy hardly recognizes his father when he returns. But the two soon become fast friends. The local townspeople laugh at the artist’s pictures. But young Paul likes the art. An influential art dealer comes from Paris the lives of the artist and his son change dramatically.

Anholt, Laurence.  The Magical Garden of Claude Monet.  [OLDER] E Anholt
When Julie crawls into a mysterious garden, she meets an old man tending the flowers. The gentle gardener turns out to be the great artist, Claude Monet, and together they explore his magical world.

Anholt, Laurence.  Matisse: The King of Color.  Q J 759.4 Matisse A
Tells the story of the artist Matisse designing the Chapelle du Rosaire.

Anholt, Laurence.  Picasso and the Girl With a Ponytail: A Story About Pablo Picasso.  [OLDER] E Anholt
Sylvette gradually begins to gain self-confidence during the summer she models for the renowned artist Pablo Picasso in the French village of Vallauris.

Blaisdell, Molly.  Rembrandt and the Boy Who Drew Dogs : A Story About Rembrandt van Rijn.  [OLDER] E Blaisdell
This picture book accurately portrays the story of Titus, Rembrandt van RijnÆs son who longed to paint like his father, and the struggle he had to get his father to notice his work when he was a young boy

Celenza, Anna Harwell.  Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue  [OLDER]  E Celenza
In January of 1924, a twenty-six-year-old pianist, George Gershwin, finds himself slated to compose, in only five weeks, a concerto that defines “American music,” and the result is his masterpiece, Rhapsody in Blue.

Downing, Julie.  Mozart Tonight.  Q J 780.92 Mozart D
On the eve of his great operatic triumph “Don Giovanni,” Mozart looks back on the events of his life that led to this moment.

Fischetto, Laura.  Michael the Angel.  Q J 759.5 Michelangelo F
Examines the life of the noted Renaissance artist and describes how he came to create some of his greatest works.

Greenberg, Jan.  Action Jackson  J 759.13 Pollock G
Imagines Jackson Pollock at work during the creation of one of his paint-swirled and splattered canvasses.

Leach, Deborah J.  Grant Wood : the artist in the hayloft.  Q J 759.13 Wood L

Le Tord, Bijou.  A Bird or Two : A Story about Henri Matisse.  Q J 759.4 Matisse L
Simple text and bright illustrations describe the work of French painter, Henri Matisse, particularly his joyful use of color.

Mayhew, James.  Katie and the Waterlily Pond: A Magical Journey Through Five Monet Masterpieces.  [CULTURAL ARTS] E Mayhew
Katie wants to win the Monet art competition at the gallery, and enters into five popular Monet masterpieces to help determine the best way to capture his style.

Nichol, Barbara.  Beethoven Lives Upstairs.  [OLDER] E Nichol
The letters that ten-year-old Christoph and his uncle exchange show how Christoph’s feelings for Mr. Beethoven, the eccentric boarder that shares his house, change from anger and embarrassment to compassion and admiration.

Pinkney, Andrea Davis.  Duke Ellington : The Piano Prince and his Orchestra.  Q J 780.92 Ellington P
A brief recounting of the career of this jazz musician and composer who, along with his orchestra, created music that was beyond category.

Pinkney, Andrea Davis.  Ella Fitzgerald : The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa .  J 780.92 Fitzgerald P
A brief recounting of the career of this jazz musician in the voice of “Scat Cat Monroe.”

Rappaport, Doreen.  John’s Secret Dream : The Life of John Lennon.  Q J 780.92 Lennon R
Introduces the life of John Lennon who, as a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist, sought to make the world a better and more peaceful place than the one in which he was raised.

Raschka, Christopher.  Mysterious Thelonious.   [CULTURAL ARTS] E Raschka
Matches the tones of the diatonic scale to the values of the color wheel in presenting a portrait of the work of the Afro-American jazz musician and composer of “Mysterioso.”

Rodriguez, Rachel.  Through Georgia’s Eyes.  J 759.13 O’Keefe R
Concise, immediate sentences and paint-and-cut paper collages represent the artists life and work.

Rubin, Susan Goldman.  Andy Warhol: Pop Art Painter.  J 759.13 Warhol R
Presents the life and career of the American artist, from his early work as a fashion illustrator to his iconic status as one of the leading painters of the Pop Art movement.

Tallchief, Maria.  Tallchief : America’s Prima Ballerina.  Q JB Tallchief
Ballerina Maria Tallchief describes her childhood on an Osage reservation, the development of her love of dance, and her rise to success in that field.

Visconti, Guido.  The Genius of Leonardo.  Q J 759.5 Leonardo V
A biography of the work, dreams, and wild inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, as seen through the eyes of his mischievous young assistant, Giacomo.

Wallner, Alexandra.  Grandma Moses.  J 759.13 Moses W
A brief biography of Anna Mary Robertson, the artist who was known as Grandma Moses, describing the inspiration behind and development of her paintings.

Winter, Jeanette.  Sebastian : a book about Bach.  J 780.92 Bach W
Describes how Johann Sebastian Bach survived the sorrows of his childhood and composed the music the world has come to love.

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