Animal Poetry

Call #
 Animal Poems J 811.08 A
Carle, Eric. Animals, Animals Q J 808.81 C
Cole, William The Birds and the Beasts Were There J 811.08 C
Dahl, Roald. Dirty Beasts J 821 Dahl
Edwards, Richard Moon Frog : Animal Poems for Young Children J 811 Edwards
Fisher, Aileen Cricket in a Thicket J 811 Fisher
Fisher, Aileen Lucia Feathered Ones and Furry J 811 Fisher
Florian, Douglas. Beast Feast J 811.54 F
Gardner, John A Child’s Bestiary J 811 G
Kumin, Maxine Mites to Mastadons J 811 K
Kuskin, Karla. Any Me I Want To Be; Poems. J 811 K
Lewis, J. Patrick A Hippopotamusn’t And Other Animal Verses J 811 Lewis
The Oxford Book of Animal Poems J 808.81936 O
Never take a pig to lunch : and other funny poems about animals J 811.08 N
Prelutsky, Jack Beauty of the Beast : Poems Q J 811.08 B
Prelutsky, Jack Toucans Two, and Other Poems. J 811 P
Prelutsky, Jack Zoo Doings : Animal Poems J 811 P
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