About HWPL

The Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library is the Music and Art co-central library of the Nassau Library System. The library serves the communities of School District 14 (Hewlett-Woodmere School District) on the south shore of Long Island.

Library Board Of Trustees & Administration

Shari H. Braverman, President
Leslie Eisenberg, Vice President
Ayanna Lane, Treasurer
Jonathan Simon
Frank Zaret

William Ferro, Director

President Emerita Marilyn S. Cranin
Presidents Emeritus Donald A. Davidson, Benjamin A. Eilbott, Jack J. Kahgan

Mission Statement

The Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library, a school district public library chartered by the Regents of the State of New York, is a dynamic force in the community, providing all residents with opportunities for educational, cultural and recreational enrichment through its collections, reference and information services, and cultural programs.

The Vision

The Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library will continue to be recognized as an integral part of the cultural and educational life of the community, a trusted source for information that operates in a prudent and fiscally responsible manner, one that will be a central force in the development of an involved and informed public.

Board Meeting Schedule 2019/2020

July 17 • August 12 • September 19 • October 16 • November 14 • December 9

January 13 • February 10* • March 16* • April 20* • May 19 • June 16

All meetings will take place in the Trustees' Room beginning at 7:15 pm

Meetings are open to the public

*Open Budget meetings begin at 7:00 pm: February, March and April meetings

Library Policies

The policies of the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library are available at both the Information and Reference Desks.

Library Card Information

Membership in the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library is limited to;
Residents of the Hewlett-Woodmere Union Free School District, and those who own property in the School District:

  • Includes children who can print or write their first names
  • Cards expire three (3) years from the date of registration
  • Card renewal takes place on an ongoing basis
  • Two (2) items proving residency must be shown at the time of initial registration. One (1) item proving residency must be shown at the time of renewal. Examples include: Driver's license, utility bill, tax bill, deed, or lease
  • There is no restriction on privileges for this type of membership
  • Adult cards are issued to children upon submittal of proof of completion of 5th grade (elementary school)

For more information and to fill out a library card application please visit our Circulation Department. If you have questions call Circulation at 516-374-1967 ext 403.


To print out a library card application from home, click here.

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