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General Reference
  • Academic Info: internet resources for the college or advanced high school student
  • Acronym Finder
  • Areacode information
  • Assembling a List of works cited in your paper (Duke University Libraries)
  • CEO Express: great links for business, news, medicine and more...
  • Calendar Zone
  • Chamber of Commerce.com: your gateway to world chamber of commerce resources
  • Citing Bibliographical References
  • City-Data.com: demographic, historic, & geographical profiles of U.S. cities
  • New ItemConversion Calculator: figure out what equals what
  • eHow: step by step instruction on how to do just about anything
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  •  Everyrule.com: rules for games, etiquette, sports...
  • FedStats statistical database
  • Foundation Center
  • Foundations.org
  • Guide for Writing Research Papers (with link to English Grammar & Usage)
  • How many: a dictionary of units of measure
  • Info Service
  • Information Please on-line almanac
  • Internet Sleuth
  • IPL2: Internet Library consortium
  • Jane's Information Group Home Page
  • Literary Market Place
  • Maps of the World:  state, country, historical (Univ. of Texas)
  •  Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary
  • National Charities Information Bureau
  • Nobel Prize Web Site
  • Old Farmer's Almanac
  • Population Reference Bureau: Data web sites for the 50 states
  • Quotations Page
  • Readers' Advisory Resources: from Nassau Library System
  • RefDesk.com
  • Symbols.com: online Dictionary of symbols
  • Today's Calendar and Clock Page
  • UN Multimedia and  News Centre
  • WomanSTATS Project: statistics on the status of women in the world
  • World Factbook (from the CIA)
  • Worldometers: real time world statistics
  • World Time Zone map and  U.S. Time Zones
  •  new
                                              itemZanran: your source for data and statistics (graphs, carts and tables)
  • Zip Code Directory

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